A Guide to Wheelchairs

While buying a mobility aid like a Wheelchair, Transfer benches, Canes and all the device is required to expedite -

  • Freedom of movements with care
  • Accord maneuvering and control in tight-spaced areas
  • Have effortless and energy saving features.

Need a Wheelchair?

Benifits of a Wheelchair:

  • Dispense comfortable, lightweight, and portable ride
  • Socially active
  • Alleviates confidence
  • Makes them self-reliant, and fearless
  • Lessens the chances of skin infections
  • Their involvement and contribution to their family and society increase


Wheelchair Seating Systems - Weight distribution and comfort on Wheelchairs depend on different factors, such as:-

  • Seat Width: The slender the width, without causing pressure on hips, the better it is considered.
  • Seat Depth: Longer seat means better leg support and effective weight distribution. Similarly, leg rest with calf supports increases effective seat length and helps in positioning your buttocks for comfortable sitting posture.

All the above-mentioned points are critical while measuring body size in a sitting position.

Common Questions to Ask, Before Purchasing a Wheelchair - You must ask and get answers to a few questions before you purchase a wheelchair for yourself.

  • Personal concerns: Evaluate personal needs while purchasing. These include indoor or outdoor lifestyle, with or without a helper. Only when you answer these questions, you will be able to understand the exact wheelchair to be used.
  • Body demands/needs: Your buy is always based on physical demands like- mobility issues, or old age.
  • Access issues: Based on the kind of access or space the wheelchair will get used for, you can decide on the type. If space is limited, you buy the one which has a small turning radius and vice-versa.
  • Training needs: You would probably prefer something which is offered with an uncomplicated guide manual and needs less training or guidance.
  • Repair and maintenance needs: Your availability for high or low repair and maintenance will determine the choice of purchase. If the answer to the question is low, you will surely need to buy a high-end powered wheelchair.
  • Financial issues to consider: Powered Wheelchairs are expensive than manual, and ultra-light wheelchairs are costlier than the standard ones. Your budget will decide your selection of purchase.
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