Aircast Pneumatic Walker, Medium

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Aircast Pneumatic walker features a lightweight yet durable semi-rigid shell, offering limb support and full-shell protection. Its innovative design includes overlapping duplex aircells lining the shell, delivering intermittent pneumatic compression for efficient edema reduction and callus formation. Custom-inflate the aircells for a personalized, total contact fit. Complete with two socks and a hand bulb, it's compatible with the Brace-LokTM system, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.


  • Customizable Fit: Duplex aircells can be inflated for a personalized, supportive fit.
  • Lightweight & Protective: Durable semi-rigid shell offers protection without excessive bulk.
  • Reduces Swelling: Intermittent pneumatic compression from the aircells helps reduce edema.
  • Complete Set: Includes two socks and a hand bulb for immediate use.


  • Brand: Aircast
  • Size: Medium (Men 7-10, Women 8-11 Inches)