Bell-Horn ReMobilize Ankle Foot Gauntlet

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The Bellhorn ReMobilize Ankle Foot Gauntlet is a comfortable and supportive solution designed to protect your ankle and foot while promoting optimal muscle function. Its clinically proven ProStyle® technology gently increases skin temperature, enhancing elasticity in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This helps reduce injury risk and can provide significant pain relief for conditions like arthritis, diabetes, and Raynaud's Disease.


  • Increases Muscle & Tendon Elasticity: ProStyle® technology improves flexibility for reduced injury potential.
  • Provides Support & Protection: Stabilizes the ankle and foot for comfort during activity.
  • Therapeutic Warmth: Increases skin and subcutaneous temperature to boost muscle performance and ease pain.
  • Comfortable for Extended Wear: Designed for all-day use.