Creative Living Medical Pill Crusher, Metal

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The Creative Living Medical Pill Crusher is a device designed to crush pills into a fine powder, facilitating easier administration. This product is commonly used by individuals who have difficulty swallowing whole pills or by caregivers in healthcare settings. By breaking down pills into a more manageable form, it assists in medication administration, making it easier for patients to take their prescribed doses. The crusher typically features a simple mechanism for efficient pill crushing, promoting convenience and ensuring accurate dosage. It is a practical tool for those with pill management needs, enhancing medication adherence and administration efficiency.

  • Effortlessly crushes pills into powder.
  • Suitable for institutional use with exceptional strength.
  • Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies.
  • Mountable to med-carts, tabletops, etc. using a mounting base.
  • Rubber base pads minimize reverberation between the crusher and table surface.
  • Nylon washers minimize reverberation between handle and base.


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Chrome
  • Retail Packaging: Single Piece