Vive Health Compression Knee Ice Brace Coretech

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The Coretech Compression Knee Ice Brace will offer you knee support from injuries like MCL and ACL tears, strains, and sprains. The hinge angle immobilization selector, the top and bottom knee support straps, and the mid-knee compression can provide you with both medial and lateral knee support. Freeze or microwave the included gel pack for a boost in circulation and pain relief. The Coretech Knee Brace is the ultimate injury recovery brace that helps you to heal and to prevent further knee injury.


  • Dual Therapy Wrap:
  • Effectively relieves pain and swelling in the knee with targeted compression and hot or cold therapy.

  • Inflatable Air Bladder:
  • Features an interior air bladder with a removable hand pump for customizable compression therapy.

  • Adjustable Secure Straps:
  • Easily secure the soft knee wrap in place with four strong, adjustable fastener straps.

  • Flexible Gel Packs:
  • Includes three gel packs that remain flexible when frozen to conform to the contours of the knee.

  • Neoprene Cover:
  • Constructed with a soft neoprene blend for greater comfort.