DreamEasy Full Face CPAP Mask Medium

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The DreamEasy Full Face CPAP Mask from Roscoe is the ideal solution for patients whose CPAP therapy is compromised by mouth breathing. Coming complete with headgear, the extremely lightweight DreamEasy provides comfort and stability. Featuring a Comfort Cushion seal, the flexible design allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit. Ergonomic, the mask is airtight while the 360 degree rotational elbow means that tubing can be anchored or left free to track, whichever the patient prefers. The elbow also has a standard 22 mm tubing connector. The headgear is adjustable with hook and loop fasteners, allowing for maximum versatility and movement. The comfortable forehead silicone pad diffuses any pressure while quick-release clips allow for easy removal of the mask without having to re-adjust the headgear. This DreamEasy Full Face Mask is sized Medium. The Comfort Cushion seal is made with medical liquid silicone and completely odorless. Even with the best of care, silicon does break down over time. Replacement seals are available separately. The mask is top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Built-in vent hole provides effective washout of CO2. The DreamEasy Full Face Mask is completely Latex-free.

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