Vive Health Handheld Massager, 5-Modes, 6 Massage Heads, Cordless

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MassSoothing tired, aching feet, the Vive wooden foot roller utilizes reflexology techniques to reduce pain, fatigue and tension. The gently arched wooden base holds ten independent rollers lined with massage nodes in two sizes for effective deep tissue massage. Designed for single or dual-use, the foot roller is sized to accommodate any foot size and can be used when barefoot or while wearing socks. Durably constructed with smooth beech wood, the massaging roller includes a nonslip base for safe use on any floor surface.


  • Relaxes Sore, Tired Feet
Allowing for self-directed pressure, the Vive wooden foot roller provides gentle acupressure with two types of massage nodes to relieve stress, fatigue and discomfort. Relaxing the feet by targeting reflexology points, the wooden massage rollers relieve foot pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, heel spurs and more.

  • Dual Foot Massager
Designed to accommodate most foot sizes, the dual foot massager measures 11.1” wide and is gently arched from front to back. The compact base easily fits under a desk or table and between the sofa and coffee table. Use with both feet while seated or use with one foot at a time while standing.

  • Independent Massage Rollers
Each side of the wooden foot roller utilizes five independent rollers so that the sides can be used together, in contrary motion or one at a time. Eight of the rollers are adorned with rounded massage nodes. Two of the rollers are lined with large massage studs for deep tissue massage.

  • Durable Beech Wood Construction
Constructed with smooth beech wood, the foot roller is durable and easy to clean. The roller base is also lined with a nonslip material to eliminate unwanted movement and to protect floor surfaces.

  • Vive Guarantee
One year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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