Thermoskin Plantar Fxt Small Men 5.5 - 7 Women 6.5 - 9 Inches

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The Thermoskin Plantar FXT is carefully made to help with the pain of plantar fasciitis, a common foot problem where the plantar fascia ligament gets swollen. By delivering precise compression and support to the foot's arch, this innovative support aids in easing strain and facilitating healing. With its distinctive design featuring a semi-rigid strap system, it allows for customizable tension application to the plantar fascia, providing tailored support and stability. This effectively alleviates tension, diminishes inflammation, and mitigates symptoms like heel pain and discomfort in the arch.

  • An alternative to bulky night splints that offers relief.
  • Gently pulls the toes backward, providing a comfortable stretch to the Plantar Fascia.
  • Crafted with Thermoskin's patented Trioxon lining for added comfort.


  • Brand: Thermoskin
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.50 lbs
  • Use for : Back
  • Size: Small (Men's: 5.5-7, Women's: 6.5-9 Inches)