Pill Splitter / Crusher & Box

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  • While some other 4-in-1 pill splitter cutter does not work well crushing your pills, our professional pill crusher grinder effectively cuts and splits any size of pill to take all the stress out of your pills dosage
  • This pill cutter divider for small or large pills comes with a stainless-steel blade to cut your pill in half smoothly, Precisely cuts your medication and stays sharp after repeated use. This pill cutter splitter allows to have equal doses of medication.
  • The middle part of case was design for placing a 1 day's pill container that have two compartments which can make your pills tidy. Conveniently built in drinking cup and cover for taking medicine on the go.
  • Easy to use Pill Crusher Cups ensures you can crush tablets without fatigue or hand cramps.
  • Put the sliced pills in the bottom box, and then rotate and tighten box to grind the pills into powder, Perfect for individuals who struggle taking large pills and tablets. The portable handheld design of this pill breaker slicer makes it easy for people of all ages to grip.

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