SafetySure Thigh Straps

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SafetySure Thigh Straps are specialized devices crafted to aid people with restricted mobility during movements between surfaces, providing invaluable support and stability. They typically consist of adjustable straps that wrap around the thighs and are equipped with handles or loops. The purpose of these straps is to provide support and stability to individuals and caregivers during transfers between surfaces such as beds, wheelchairs, or chairs. By distributing weight evenly and securely, SafetySure Thigh Straps help reduce the risk of injury to both the individual being transferred and the caregiver. They offer a safer alternative to manual lifting or pulling during transfers, minimizing strain and promoting independence for individuals with mobility challenges.

  • Position the gait or transfer belt around the patient's waist, then slide the Universal Thigh Strap beneath the thigh.
  • Lead the strap from the outer thigh of the patient, making sure it is accurately positioned between the gait/transfer belt and the patient's body to provide secure support.
  • Secure the strap from the inner thigh around and fasten it with the plastic buckle.
  • Modify the placement and tension of the SafetySure Universal Thigh Strap according to individual preferences or requirements.


  • Brand: SafetySure
  • Dimensions: 66 L x 1.5 W Inches