Thermoskin Knee Patella

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Thermoskin Knee Patella comes with perfectly fitting circumferences with provided inches when measured slightly bent underneath the knee cap. This brace is a vital tool in the treatment of various knee conditions, including patella dislocation, chrondomalacia patella, and Osgood Schlatter's disease. Designed to provide enhanced flexibility around the kneecap, it ensures optimal comfort and support. By freeing the kneecap from compression, it prevents aggravation of any tenderness or bruising present, promoting faster healing. Additionally, our brace features advanced technology that captures body heat, increasing blood flow for improved circulation. Its breathable design allows the skin to ventilate efficiently, releasing moisture to maintain dryness and comfort.

  • Targeted Knee Support: Specifically designed for knee conditions affecting the patella.
  • Reduces Kneecap Pressure: Open design alleviates pressure on the kneecap, promoting comfort and healing.
  • Therapeutic Warmth: Captures body heat to increase blood circulation and aid the healing process.
  • Breathable Comfort: Allows for ventilation to keep your skin dry and comfortable during extended wear.
  • Precise Fit: Available in various sizes (based on circumference) for a perfect, supportive fit.