Vive Health Waist Trimmer, Nonslip Neoprene, 7" X 37"

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Supporting the lower back while stabilizing the core, the waist trimmer belt by Vive uses an antimicrobial, latex-free neoprene to retain therapeutic heat and provide compression therapy. The adjustable compression waist trainer stimulates increased circulation and perspiration, reducing water retention around the waistline and relieving back pain.


  • Increase The Effectiveness Of Every Workout
Neoprene waist trimmer insulates and retains body heat, stimulates perspiration, and reduces water retention around the waistline to increase the effectiveness of every workout. Perfect for enhancing the benefits gained by walking, cycling, yoga, pilates, athletics, and any fitness routine.

  • Superior Support
Providing additional back support, the universal waist trimmer helps to stabilize the core and improve posture. The adjustable compression belt also retains therapeutic heat to relieve painful sore muscles and promote healing from injury or surgery.

  • Moisture-Wicking Grid Interior
Moisture-wicking interior grid surface repels moisture for a comfortable dry-wearing experience. Designed to reduce slippage and bunching, the flexible grid interior ensures the compression belt stays securely in place throughout the day.

  • Adjustable Latex-Free Construction
Latex-free neoprene and strong fasteners create a flexible, custom-fit slimming waist trainer. Adjustable design fits waists up to 46” in circumference. The antimicrobial waist trainer is easy to clean with mild detergent.

  • Vive Guarantee
A 60-day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.