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Rollators are safe and effective means for older adults to increase mobility without depending on others. 1 They are also easy to use, and various models are available per budget and needs. 

Moreover, rollators are lightweight, and modern ones have added features like pouches, baskets, etc. All this makes using a rollator helpful and important, especially for those needing extra support. 

Now questions like these might bother you; how to fold a rollator walker? And are there any safety tips while getting this job done? Scroll down to find the answer. 

Below we have discussed various ways to fold a modern rollator walker. The steps may vary according to model and company, but the general instructions remain the same. 

How to Fold a Rollator Walker?

Closing a walker with or without wheels is simple and quick. Even older adults operating the machine can do so themselves. Technically, there are two types of rollator walkers:

1- Traditional Folding

Traditional rollators are the ones that come with a basket and a seat. These are also heavier and don’t support themself when folded. So, you won’t be able to lean them against stuff when trying to store them. 

To fold a traditional rollator, follow these steps:

  • Remove the attached basket to reveal the underlying crossbar.
  • Stand behind the rollator and raise the seat flap
  • As you lift the seat flap, grasp the crossbar and pull it upwards to fold the rollator until it becomes flat.

2- Side to Side Folding

Side-to-side folding rollators are easy to fold, store and travel with. They can support themselves when folded due to their design. So, if you own a side-to-side folding rollator, this is how you close it:

  • Rollator frames are equipped with release mechanisms on both sides. These are typically levers or buttons.
  • Press and activate the rollator release mechanisms simultaneously
  • Gently push the rollator's sides towards each other while holding the release mechanisms.
  • As you compress the sides, the rollator should start to fold inward.
  • Continue to push the sides together until the rollator is fully folded.

So, that’s how to fold a walker with seat. However, please note that these steps don’t apply to every single rollator in the market. Some may be more complicated than others.

Also, various companies design rollators and their folding style may vary a bit. 

I. How to Fold a Medline Rollator Walker?

Medline Rollator Walkers come in a variety of models. So, let’s go through how you can fold them without worries.

  • Start by pushing the seat upwards. Then, hold the strap that is attached to the folding mechanism (two thin bars that are connected to each leg)
  • Now, pull the strap upwards to close and fold the walker
  • The strap may not always be easily findable. In that case, look under the basket placed under the seat.

Now, come to other models like Empower that fold differently. For those, follow these instructions:

  • Press the yellow panels and rotate the handle inward. 
  • Allow the cover to be released and securely click back in position. 
  • As you hold onto one of the handles, grasp the yellow lever underneath the seat and pull it upward. 

II. How to Fold a Walker Without Wheels?

A walker without wheels is also a good choice for older people. That said, these types of walkers are suitable for indoor use as they don’t support mobility as well as those with wheels. 

If you own a walker without wheels, comply with these instructions to fold it:

  • Identify the yellow covers located in the walker. Then, gently push the yellow covers inward.
  • Turn the handle inwards until it locks into place.
  • Secure the cover by releasing it and clicking it back in place.
  • Look under the seat for the yellow handle. 
  • Pull up the handle by firmly grasping one of the handles. 
  • Continue pulling until the walker folds and becomes compact.

Safety Tips for Folding a Walker for Adults

Are there any safety tips to ensure that the walker won’t unfold in the middle of a drive? Generally, ensuring that all the locks are securely closed is enough to keep a rollator folded safely. 

Besides, the following tips will help you as you fold/ unfold a rollator:

  1. Whenever you fold or unfold a walker, ensure that it’s standing in a stable position
  2. Also, unfold the walker in an open space that’s not blocked by objects.
  3. Use both hands to lock and unlock the rollator to prevent injuries
  4. Buy a rollator that you can handle and use without worrying about its weight and other technicalities


Rollators are highly effective in increasing mobility and independence in older individuals. 2 Similarly, they are also used for added support and comfort. 

Knowing how to fold and open a rollator independently will help people live a free and happy life as they age. We hope you won't be confused anymore about how to keep a rollator closed after reading this guide! 


How do you fold a folding walker?

You must first engage the brakes and place the folding walker on a stable surface before folding it.

Then, locate the release mechanisms and gently fold the sides towards each other while holding the releases. Keep folding until the walker is compact and securely locked.

How do you put a rollator in a car?

After learning how to fold a walker, the next step is to securely put it in your car’s trunk. Therefore, start by folding the rollator and locking it in place.

Then, open the car’s trunk and securely put the walker inside. Also, see if there are any sharp objects or obstacles and remove them to make space. 

How do you lock a rollator in folded position?

To lock a rollator in a folded position, you must first fold it correctly. After that, see if there’s any locking mechanism available. Then secure all the locks and apply gentle pressure to gauge if the lock is secure. 

How do you pack a rollator walker?

Once you know how to fold a guardian walker, your life will become easy. Fold the rollator walker according to the manufacturer’s instructions before packing it.

Then, secure any loose parts, such as brakes or handles, and ensure they won't move during transport. The last step is to wrap the folded rollator in a blanket or place it in a carrying bag. 



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