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Aging is a natural process that comes with some additional measures and precautions. For instance, using sturdy bed railings can be very helpful in getting out of bed with ease.

Are you looking for sturdy bed railing options to help your loved ones with some extra care? Or are you thinking about how to install bed rails for toddlers? Moovkart has many bed railings to offer support and prevent bed injuries for kids and the elderly. You can choose as per your requirements. 

How to Fix Bed Rails for the Elderly

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or installing bed rails for the first time, this article will guide you on installing bed rail brackets as a stepwise guide. With clear instructions and helpful tips, it will become more accessible than ever to set the rails in no time. 

First, you must assemble all the supplies, including the rails, tools, and other equipment required to complete the job. Several types of railings can be installed with some essential equipment available at home, such as nuts and bolts.

For some specified rails, you may need to purchase some items. Moreover, there are two styles by which you can install the railings on the sides of the bed. Now, let's look at the stepwise guide about installing the rails. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Adult Bed Rails

Before you begin, make sure you know about the whole procedure.  For that purpose, you can take help from our blog and read the instructions on the pamphlet along with the rails box.

Another way is to learn from YouTube tutorials. Anyhow, here are 6 simple steps to show you about installing a bed rail with straps:

1: Gather supplies:

To save yourself from unnecessary frustration, ensure you have all the supplies needed to install the bed frame. Here is the list of items that you must have in hand:

  • Bed rail kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver 
  • Level

Once you have all the supplies, read the instructions carefully. Have a look at the available instructions and set your rails easily. Moreover, perform the stability test before using. 

Step 2: Measure and mark:

The first step in installing the railings is to get an estimate of the bed length to set them correctly.

For that purpose, measure the size of the sides of the bed. Determine the bed frame spot where you want to set the rails. A measuring tape is your best friend for taking side measurements. 

First, take the measurements with the measuring tape. Secondly, mark the spots on the bed frame where you want to set the rail brackets. 

Step 3: Attach the brackets:

In this step, align the rails on the marked spots on the bed frame. Use a screwdriver to set the shelves. Further, attach the brackets to the bed frame and secure them with screws.

Lastly, double-check that the brackets are attached on the right side and are secure enough. 

Step 4: Install bed rails:

Bed rails for adults are beneficial for individuals who have some disabilities or are bedridden and need support for getting out of bed. Installing the bed rails is now easier than ever. Without the assistance of a worker, you can set it in no time. 

After placing the brackets, the next step is to slide the bed rails into their area. Make sure that the rails are secured and fit snugly.

Furthermore, follow the product instructions about installing bed rails for the elderly if you need clarification at any step. Lastly, make sure you have followed all the instructions right. 

Step 5: Test for stability

Last, the next step is to check if the bed rail you installed is stable. Of course, you don't want the patient to feel discomfort and don't wish for negligence in their help. 

To test the bed railing's stability, apply a little pressure on different rail areas and see if it wobbles. Moreover, if you feel the bar is insecure and unstable enough, tighten the loosen screws. 

Step 6: Make necessary adjustments:

The last step is to look for the necessary adjustments. If the bed rails don't feel stable and the installed bed railings do not align properly, refer to the product instructions for troubleshooting.

Follow the recommendations and secure the nuts and bolts. Never force the bed railings into place. Please make sure the rails are stable before leaving them. 

Tips on Installing Bed Rails:

If you have decided to install bed rails to prevent falling and support aged individuals, here we share a few tips about installing bed rails for older people. 

  • Make sure you choose the right type of rails according to your needs.
  • Ensure the rails' width is not too much, as they can get in the way while moving out of the bed. 
  • Some fences are height adjustable. Always choose the ones that have height adjustability settings. 
  • Please consider the portable bed rails handy while traveling with toddlers. 
  • Make sure you select the rails intended for the user's weight. 
  • Check that you have all the required supplies in hand before starting. 
  • If it seems harsh to install at home, get help from the company. 
  • Perform the stability test twice to avoid any accidents. 
  • Refrain from trashing the railing box, as it has all the essential instructions about using a bed rail to get out of bed. 

Considering all these tips, you will have a fantastic experience purchasing and installing rails. 


Can you add rails to a regular bed?

Yes, you can add railings to the standard bed.

How do you attach a bed safety rail easily?

To attach the bed rails safely, take measurements and mark the spots. Place the clip at the sides and fix the rails by screwing the nuts and bolts. 

How do you install pickup bed rails?

Pickup bed rails are installed on the truck beds and are easy to install in the tie-down points. You can check YouTube tutorials about how to install bed rails on trucks. 

What are the two types of bed rails?

The two main types of bed rails include the one called regular rails, which already fit into the bed frame. The second type is portable, which is not fixed.