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Learn how to remove speed limiters on mobility scooters for a better and smoother riding experience-don't let the limitations hold you back.

A speed limiter is a safety tool that restricts the maximum speed at which the mobility scooter can go. However, it is replaceable. As we guide you through the process, we'll help you gain more flexibility and freedom while guaranteeing a secure update.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Speed Limiter on a Mobility Scooter

Take charge of your mobility scooter now and experience the excitement of an unrestricted ride. Yes, that’s right. Say goodbye to speed limits and welcome a new sense of independence as you go about your daily activities.

Our guide guarantees a secure modification to personalize your mobility and take joy in a faster, smoother ride.

For removing the speed limiter on a mobility scooter you must know the following

  1. Why it's important to remove the speed limiter
  2. What is the speed range of your scooter
  3. Which model it is?
  4. Then choose any one of the 4 hacks/methods discussed below

Why Removing the Speed Limiter on Mobility Scooter is Key to True Freedom?

Most mobility scooters normally have a top speed between 4 mph- 8 mph. However, some models have a top speed of 12 mph or more. An electronic speed limiter is the most basic form of speed limiter used in Chinese electric mobility scooters.

It limits the top speed that a scooter is capable of moving at by controlling the power output to the motor controller.

In short, you won’t be able to ride your scooter with true freedom as long as it has a speed limiter. Removing the speed limiter on the mobility scooter will enhance your mobility and unlock the true potential of your scooter at approx. 46 mph.

4 Simple Hacks to Remove speed limiter on Mobility Scooter

Below are the easiest hacks to remove speed limiters on mobility scooters.

  1. By unplugging the speed-limiting wires

The first and most common way to remove the speed limit on a mobility scooter is by unplugging the speed-limiting wires.

You will find them in the speed controller. The position of these wires, color, and thickness may vary from model to model.

These wires limit the maximum speed at which your scooter can go. You can apply the following procedure on Joyor scooters and Razor C35 models to cut off the speed limit:

  • Open the front panel of the scooter
  • Find the wires connecting to the battery
  • After that, cut the cable that is connecting the speed limiter to the motor to disconnect it
  • Finally, cover the ends of the cut wires with electrical tape and re-assemble
  1. Unlocking the speed limit by overriding it

This method is also known as switch mood. You need to switch on the scooter and override it while holding the left brake and then switch it off.

This will increase the mobility of your scooter. This method can be used on red-wing scooters.

  1. By disabling the software through settings.

Another method to make your mobility scooter go faster is by switching off the software through the display.

Go to settings and disable the software or switch it to the fly mode for maximum speed.

However, this method works for bird scooters but for some scooters like Xiaomi you can unlock the software by following the steps below:

  • Download the relevant speed firmware from the Google store
  • Connect your scooter to the app.
  • Update the version and unlock flash mode.
  1. By changing the component with a controller without a speed limit

Last but not least, this method works by swapping the speed controllers to a faster one.

Controllers with higher speed limits will enable you to ride at the top speed of up to 36-46 mph. However, be sure to test the compatibility of components before replacing the controller.

This method can be useful for many mobility scooter models. For instance, KCQ, Hover 1 Alpha, and MS energy e10.

Other ways to increase the mobility of e-scooter?

The speed of a mobility scooter may not necessarily get slower over time as a direct result of age or usage. However, there are a few factors that can affect its speed or performance over time:

  • Battery condition: As batteries get older, their capacity diminishes. Speed can suffer as a result of a smaller battery's impact on overall performance. Routine maintenance, correct charging, and battery replacements when required can maintain the peak performance of your mobility scooter.
  • Wear and Tear: Another problem that consumers may experience over time with mechanical devices is because of wear and tear. Routine maintenance and rapid repairs can help the scooter keep going at its maximum speed.
  • Tire Condition: The scooter's performance and speed can also be affected by the condition of the tires. Changing the tires and doing routine upkeep on the tires can enhance performance.
  • Environmental Factors: Rocky roads, sharp inclines, and bad weather can impact the performance of a mobility scooter. Most importantly, in such situations take the scooter's capabilities into account and modify speed accordingly.

Above all, good care and replacement of any worn-out components on time can help maintain the speed and performance of a mobility scooter over time.


In conclusion, the answer to the question "How to remove the speed limiter on a mobility scooter?" is speed limiter can be removed in several methods depending on the model.

Just because someone else was able to unlock their electric scooter doesn't mean that it will work for others too.

However, electric scooters are built to work within certain limits to guarantee user safety, changes to the scooter can cause harm and could void your warranty.

Therefore, we advise speaking with the maker or a certified technician if you have a genuine need for a mobility scooter's speed limitation to be increased or if you have unique requirements.


How can I ride my mobility scooter faster?

You can increase mobility through Regular maintenance, proper care, and timely replacements of worn-out components can help maintain the speed and performance

Can you remove the speed limiter on a mobile scooter?

Yes, the speed limiter can be removed by different methods depending on the model of the mobility scooter.

How to hack an electric scooter speed limiter?

The speed limiter on mobility scooters can be hacked by resetting the software or by changing the settings on your e-scooter display. The other useful way to make it go faster is to replace the controller.

Would it be safe removing the speed limiter on an electric scooter?

Removing the speed limiter of a mobility scooter can increase the risk of accidents, and potentially violate local laws and regulations. We suggest speaking with a certified professional before tempering with your mobility scooter.