How to Sleep After Carpal Tunnel Surgery? Tips and Recovery

Are you experiencing pain, numbness, or stiffness after hand or wrist surgery? The key is fully understanding and executing the recovery guide. If you are also wondering how to sleep after carpal tunnel surgery, don't worry, as we have got you covered. 

In this blog, we will share what to expect during carpal tunnel recovery and will provide a recovery guide about the food. Further, we will discuss some healthy activities, and sleeping styles to assist you in passing this phase of life easily. 

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time:

The timing of returning to normal after having such a type of surgery is almost four months to a year. The pain and numbness usually go away in several months, depending on the type of surgery, overall health, the severity of your condition, and work activities. 

Further, post tunnel surgery, the doctor may take one or two weeks to remove your stitches. But, the hand strength will return after four months to one year.  

Immediately after surgery:

Immediately post surgery, the recovery phase starts after the bandage removal. This phase has some restrictions after carpal tunnel surgery such as no hand movements and correct positioning. After carpal tunnel surgery, the bandage takes almost 24 to 48 hours to reduce the swelling. 

After 1-week post-surgery:

At this stage, keeping your hand in the right position while sleeping is important, which we will discuss later. 

Weeks 2 – 4:

Gradually, pain and soreness reduce slowly, which results in resuming the hand movements. 

Weeks 4-8:

After four weeks, you will regain the full mobility of the digits and may experience some soreness in your palm. Avoid bearing heavy weights at such points to not trigger the pain. The pain will go away after some more months with regular physiotherapy. 

After 1 year:

Hand grip and strength will return within 2-3 months post-surgery. By one year, you can perform routine activities and play sports as well.

How To Care for Yourself Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery at Home?

Post-surgery care is much needed to heal your body parts soon. Recovery depends upon your diet to the medication that you take after surgery. Moreover, here we share a few guidelines about what activities to perform post-surgery:


Keep your hand in the right position so it doesn't disturb your peace. Start by walking a little every day to feel active. Moreover, when two weeks have passed post-surgery, do not use any power tools and avoid vibrations. 


Make sure to eat a balanced diet full of proteins and carbohydrates. Moreover, you can take low-fat foods such as plain rice and boiled meat with yogurt to boost your immunity. 


Your doctor will tell you which medicine to take post-surgery. Take painkillers as described by your practitioner.


Your wrist and hand may need some exercise after a few weeks. There is a series of exercises that you can do at home after your surgery with some exercise and fitness aid. It helps with hand motion, strength, and grip. Furthermore, you can hire a physiotherapist to help you rehab this situation early. Research reveals yoga is beneficial in pain ease and hand grip. 

How to Sleep Comfortably After Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

To avoid discomfort after the surgery, the best thing is to use a Night Split. You can wear this split before bedtime or 24 hours a day. It helps alleviate the pain and aid in posterior motions. Furthermore, using a split or wristband during sleep helps keep your wrist neutral. 

Here are some more recommendations that can help you sleep with ease post-carpal tunnel surgery such as:

  • Try to wrap a towel to prevent it from bending. 
  • Sleep in a cozy environment to avoid any kind of median nerve compression. 
  • Sleep on your back instead of your side. 
  • If your arm starts getting numb after some time, gently shake your arm. 


To summarize, follow-up care is mandatory to recover the surgery immediately. It involves making sure your hand is in the right posture while sleeping. 


What is the quickest way to recover from carpal tunnel surgery?

If you notice bruising after carpal tunnel surgery, the best way is to get bandages for a week and keep the hand in the right position to recover fast. 

How long should I rest my hand after carpal tunnel surgery?

You should rest for 3 to 4 days after your surgery and keep your arm and hand at rest for three to four weeks. Avoid lifting any weight, doing routine work, and shaking your hand. 

What is the best position to sleep after hand surgery?

The best position is to sleep on your back rather than your side to recover the wound after your surgery. Further, wrapping a towel or wearing a splint also helps during sleep.