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Having a broken arm can feel uncomfortable and make everyday tasks challenging. When you have to wear a sling to support your arm, it might feel strange and restrictive at first. Sleeping with a broken arm in a sling might be uncomfortable, but there are solutions.

Let’s discuss some tips to help you get a good night's sleep while wearing a sling for your broken arm. These tips can make finding a cozy sleeping position easier and reduce discomfort so you can rest and heal better. 

Tips for Sleeping with a Broken Arm in a Sling

Before anything, you should know the necessary steps to wear a sling properly. If you already know that, let’s walk you through the tips to sleep with a broken arm in a sling:  

1- Positioning Yourself

Lie on your back on a comfortable surface like your bed, and support your head with a pillow.

2- Support Your Arm

Place your broken arm in the sling provided by your doctor or medical professional. Make sure it's positioned comfortably and securely.

3- Adjust the Sling

Ensure the sling is snug but tight. The support should be comfortable and not limit blood flow to the arm.

4- Use Pillows for Support

Place pillows around your body to help keep you comfortable. You might need extra pillows under your head, back, and knees to support your body and prevent rolling onto your injured arm during the night.

5- Elevate Your Arm

Raise your damaged arm slightly over your heart. It can relieve oedema and improve circulation. You can do this by placing additional pillows behind your arm or changing the sling straps.

6- Avoid Pressure Points

Ensure the straps or sling are not pressing against any pressure areas on your body. As necessary, change the cushioning or posture to avoid any discomfort.

7- Keep Your Arm Secure

Steer clear of abrupt motions at night that can jolt your arm. If you must change positions, take time and care not to strain your injuries.

8- Stay Comfortable

Finding the most comfortable sleeping position when you have a broken arm could take trial and error. Be bold and make changes as necessary to guarantee that you have a good night's sleep.

9- Consider Pain Management

Consult your doctor about how to manage pain while you sleep if you are experiencing it. They suggest over-the-counter analgesics or other ways to help you feel more at ease.

10- Follow Doctor's Orders

Always follow the instructions provided by your doctor regarding caring for your broken arm and sleeping with a sling. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact them for guidance.

You can sleep more comfortably with a broken arm in a sling, allowing your body to heal correctly.

The Best Sleeping Position To Support Your Broken Arm

Depending on your comfort level and the extent of your injury, there are a few different ways to sleep with a broken arm. Still, sleeping on your back with your broken arm supported in a sling is often recommended. 

Here's why:

Supports Healing

Sleeping on your back with your broken arm in a sling keeps your arm stable and helps it heal. This position also stops you from accidentally rolling onto your injured arm while you sleep.

Reduces Pressure

Lying on your back spreads your body weight evenly. It means less pressure on your broken arm, making it more comfortable.

Elevates the Arm

Keeping your broken arm elevated promotes better blood flow and reduces oedema. You can achieve this by tucking pillows beneath your arms or modifying the sling.

Maintains Alignment

Sleeping on your back helps keep your spine straight, which is essential for overall comfort and to avoid extra strain on your body.

Allows for Relaxation

Your muscles can relax more easily when you lie on your back. 

If sleeping on your back is uncomfortable or not feasible due to your specific injury or personal preferences, you can also try sleeping on your side opposite the injured arm.


Ultimately, the best sleeping position for a broken arm feels most comfortable while providing adequate support and stability to promote healing. 

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People Also Ask!

How can I reduce pain while sleeping with a broken arm?

Use pillows to support and elevate your arm, and take pain relievers as your doctor recommends.

Is it okay to sleep on my side with a broken arm in a sling?

It's best to sleep on your back, but if you must sleep on your side, choose the side opposite your injured arm and use pillows for support.

How can I prevent rolling onto my broken arm during the night?

Place pillows around your body to keep you in position and prevent accidental movements while you sleep.