5 Essential Tips for Sleeping with a Broken Patella

Sleeping with any discomfort in the body parts is a challenge. Likewise, do you know how to heal a broken knee faster and how to sleep with a broken patella after an accident? This blog will share how to protect a dislocated patella and alleviate the pain. 

Further, we will share a few fantastic tips to help the patient get some hours of peaceful sleep after surgery.

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What is a Patella Fracture, and What Are Its Causes?

A fractured patella is also commonly known as a broken kneecap that usually occurs from a fall or during an accident. It results when pressure directly impacts the knee.

The kneecap is composed of three bones. One of them is a patella that is coated with cartilage. 

The patella offers strength and helps extend the knee during jumping and other activities. There can be several causes that can dislocate the knee cap, such as:

  • Direct trauma
  • Accidental injury
  • Post-surgery 
  • Eccentric contraction
  • Open fracture
  • Pathologic fractures caused by osteoporosis

How Much Time Does a Broken Patella Take in Healing?

On average, a fractured patella recovery time with no surgery is almost six months or more in healing.

Your recovery time depends on several factors, such as the severity of fracture, treatment type and physical therapy. Further, it depends on the severity of your injury. 

Healing of the patella is a time-consuming journey that goes on with daily life. But keeping yourself at ease during bedtime is necessary. 

5 Amazing Tricks to Sleep with a Broken Patella

Performing routine activities is disturbed by a broken patella. Can you drive with a broken patella? Not. So, here we will share some tips and tricks to help you feel better with a fractured kneecap. 

1: Rise slowly

Life after a patellar fracture seems boring as you cannot perform any task inside or outside your home.

The first thing to do is keep a check on your positions. For instance, ensure you are in the correct position while sleeping. 

Moreover, if you have been lying in the same position for hours, rise slowly. Take some support from the bedside and pillows before sitting. Changing positions post-surgery elevates your blood flow. 

2: Avoid adding pressure

Be sure not to add pressure on your knee after an accident or surgery. It can cause more pain and discomfort.

That is one of the reasons that physiotherapists and healthcare professionals suggest not climbing stairs after a patella fracture or knee surgery. 

3: Cold therapy before bed

Cold therapy never goes wrong after surgery as it helps with inflammation and swelling. To bring the pain to a lower level, it is a fantastic trick to perform at home. 

Place a wet towel or towel wrapped around ice on the knee for about 15 minutes. Be careful to take breaks and not leave ice for longer. 

4: Patella straps

If you want to recover faster, use patella health straps available online in healthcare stores. Using the patella straps makes walking after the patella fracture easy. 

They offer grip on the knees and help patients move and walk a few steps without elevating the pain. Further, it helps sleep at night by keeping the knee in the correct position. 

5: Knee correct positions

Sleeping on the right side or in the correct position makes a huge difference. Knee injuries cause constant pain while sleeping or not.

Hence, it becomes tough for the patient to sleep peacefully.

But, using some aiding tips, sleeping with a fractured knee is possible. To sleep peacefully, make sure you choose one of these positions:

  • Sleep on your back
  • Use a recliner
  • Sleep on your side


To summarize, a fractured knee is a painful event that doesn't let you breathe in peace. But with some fantastic tips and correct posture, you can quickly go through this stage.

Follow the tips mentioned above and speed up your fractured patella recovery. 


How can I make my broken kneecap heal faster?

Increase blood circulation with a hot or cold compress to heal your knee cap faster. Check your position while rising from bed. Moreover, increase vitamin and mineral intake for quick recovery. 

Is walking suitable for a fractured patella?

In most cases, walking is good for recovering a fractured knee. It depends on your situation and other factors, such as the severity of the wound and healing strength. 

Can you bend your knee with a fractured patella?

A fractured knee doesn't allow you to bend it completely. Bending sometimes results in increased pain and inflammation, slowing the healing process. 

When can you walk again after the patella fracture?

The healing process allows you to walk, but not initially. After some time, you can manage walking and climbing the stairs if your knee allows.