24 inch Folding Foldable Backrest Transport Wheelchair

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Measurement: 31.50" x 7.87" x 7.87"This comfortable wheelchair is suitable for all ages. The sturdy steel frame is durable and ensures the long service life. The fold-able backrest is convenient for transport. The calf support belt is detachable and offers support to your legs. The wheelchair is fold-able to save space and is easy for storage. The handbrake is adjustable through adjusting the screws. Adjust brake tightness and control the brake speed. This is perfect choice for a folding wheelchair.

User-friendly designs- A big pocket was behind the wheelchair for your little collections. Two handbrakes over the big wheels are easy to use besides the brake system can be adjusted if you are not satisfied with the brake tightness or speed.

Softly Padded and Fixed Full Armrests- The softly padded armrests are comfortable to rest your arms.

Sturdy Reinforced Steel Frame and Fold-able Backrest- The wheelchair has sturdy reinforced steel frame to ensure the sturdiness and solidness. You can also fold flat the chair and backrest for easy transport just press the front 2 buttons and take it out from the connecting tubes.

Calf Support Belt to Relieve Leg Pressure- The calf support belt offers comfortable support to your legs. It effectively reduces the pressure and relax your leg. The pedals can be flipped to the right side or left side and leave spaces for you to easily stand up when necessary or you can just detach them.

Durable Rubber Tires and Flexibly Moving Casters- The front casters are big enough for smoothly moving around without getting stuck. The rear steel wheels with rubber tires are super durable and do not need to be inflated and it helps you save energy and time.