Vive Health 3.5 Inches Toilet Seat Riser With Arms, Elongated

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An easy to install bathroom safety solution, the Vive toilet seat riser with removable handles securely attaches to any elongated toilet seat providing 3.5 inches of added height. Great for those recovery for surgery or injury, the elderly and those with limited mobility the elevated toilet seat assists individuals when sitting or standing.


  • Enhanced Toilet Height

Easily fit under an existing elongated toilet seat, this toilet seat riser elevates by 3.5 inches, promoting comfortable sitting and standing without excessive bending. Ideal for enhancing bathroom safety for the elderly, individuals with limited mobility, and those in post-surgery recovery.

  • Effortless Tool-Free Setup

Effortlessly install this riser under any elongated toilet seat using the included screws and washers, all without the need for tools. The interior lip ensures a secure attachment, preventing slips and ensuring a safe seat.

  • Comfortable Grip Assistance

Enjoy additional support while sitting or standing with removable handles featuring soft foam hand grips for a comfortable hold. These handles offer a nonslip surface, aiding in a secure and stable grip. If desired, they can be easily removed, providing a generous 22 inches width between them.

  • Robust Composite Build

Built to last, this durable composite toilet seat elevator can support up to 300 pounds and is resistant to splitting, ensuring extended usability. Maintenance is a breeze, wipe it down with regular household disinfectants or sanitizing wipes. The handles, made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, are also easy to clean with traditional bathroom disinfectants.


  • Length of seat from front to back: 19.25 Inches
  • Length of seat inside from front to back: 13.25 Inches
  • Width of seat from left to right: 13.75 Inches
  • Width of seat inside from left to right: 10 Inches
  • Height of seat: 3.5 Inches
  • Thickness of seat: 2 Inches
  • Handle width: 21.25 Inches
  • Handle length: 14.5 Inches
  • Distance between handles: 19 Inches

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