Vive Health 396 Dorsal Night Splint, Rigid, Padded Cover, Reversible, Large/Extra Large

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If you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, this Dorsal Night Splint fits you very well. The Coretech 396 Dorsal Night Splint gently stretches the plantar fascia and soft tissues of your foot and calf while supporting proper foot positioning to effectively relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The rigid composite night splint is ideal for relieving plantar fasciitis, foot drop, achilles tendonitis, heel pain and calf muscle cramps.

The open design is lightweight and breathable for greater comfort throughout the night and is completely padded to eliminate chafing and hot spots on the foot, ankle, or calf. Easy to adjust, the dorsal night splint can be worn on the right or left foot and includes a heel strap to ensure a secure, non slip fit even on the most restless nights. 


  • Rigid Nighttime Support
  • Gently stretches and properly positions the foot and ankle throughout the night to relieve pain due to plantar fasciitis, soft tissue damage, arthritis and foot drop.

  • Comfortable Cushioning
  • Each section of the adjustable night splint is lined with additional padding to eliminate chafing and irritation.

  • Low Profile Design
  • Featuring and open toe and heel, the low profile splint is comfortable for side, stomach or back sleepers.

  • Lightweight And Breathable
  • Made with ultra-soft polyester and neoprene that is lightweight and breathable for exceptional nighttime comfort.