Vive Health 4" Calcium Alginate Dressing Sterile

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More absorbent than traditional gauze, the Vive Care calcium alginate wound dressing pads cover and protect wounds to promote healing. The unique calcium alginate absorbs up to 13 times its weight, making it ideal for heavily exuding traumatic and surgical wounds. The wound dressing also creates a protective, gel-like barrier that keeps the wound moist to encourage natural healing.  Easy to apply and remove without damaging the surrounding skin, the flexible wound dressing pads can be trimmed to fit and will not irritate or stick to the wound site for greater comfort. 


  • Cover and Protect Wounds and Sores
    Comfortable against the skin, the Vive Care calcium alginate dressing pads cover and protect traumatic and surgical wounds, burns, pressure ulcers and more. The absorbent alginate pads are ideal for moderate to heavy exuding wounds and wounds with cavities, creating a protective barrier to prevent contamination.
  • Super Absorbent Padding
    Made with calcium alginate, our wound dressings are high absorbent and create a moist environment to promote natural healing. The versatile dressing pads absorb wound discharge up to 13 times their weight and never adhere to your wound like traditional gauze for easy, painless removal. 
  • Easy to Apply
    Our alginate dressing pads are lightweight and flexible to conform to the wound for optimal coverage. Each wound dressing pad can be folded for layered protection and cavity packing or trimmed to fit small wounds and those difficult to cover areas such as the elbow, heel and knee.
  • Sterile Wound Patches
    Includes 10 calcium alginate dressings that measure 4” by 4” for versatile use. Each Vive Care wound dressing pad is individually packaged and should be changed daily to protect the wound contamination. 
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    30 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.