Vive Health 4 Inches Hydrocolloid Bordered Dressing Sterile

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The Vive Health 4 Inches Hydrocolloid Bordered Dressing Sterile is a sterile, self-adhesive dressing specifically designed for wound care management. This dressing combines the benefits of hydrocolloid technology with a bordered design for ease of application and enhanced protection of wound edges. It creates a moist wound environment to support the healing process.


  • Sterile: Each dressing is individually sterile, ensuring a clean and safe application.
  • Self-adhesive: The dressing adheres securely to the skin without the need for additional tape or bandages.
  • Hydrocolloid Material: Utilizes hydrocolloid technology to absorb wound exudate while maintaining a moist environment conducive to healing.
  • Bordered Design: Features a border that enhances adhesion and provides additional protection to the wound edges.
  • 4 Inches Size: With a size of 4 inches in diameter, it is suitable for moderate-sized wounds.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Size: 4 inches in diameter
  • Material: Hydrocolloid
  • Sterility: Individually sterile packaged
  • Adhesive: Self-adhesive
  • Packaging: Each dressing is individually wrapped for sterility and convenience