Vive Health 6" Island Dressing Sterile

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Great for first-aid kits, the Vive Care adhesive-bordered gauze pads cover and protect minor cuts, wounds, and scrapes from contamination and infection. The sterile gauze island dressing pads feature a soft, breathable border that adheres to the skin to hold the gauze in place and is easily removed without pulling or damaging the surrounding skin. Super absorbent, the adhesive gauze pad center is nonadherent, absorbing drainage while cushioning and protecting the wound while it heals.


  • Wound Care Made Easy
    Protecting small wounds, cuts, scrapes, and abrasions, the Vive Care adhesive-bordered gauze pads create a soft, cushioning barrier to prevent contamination and infection. The island dressing pads are easy to apply and remove with an adhesive border that stays securely in place, eliminating the frustration of applying layered gauze and sticky tape.
  • Ultra Absorbent Center
    Our soft bandages for wounds are ultra-absorbent, cushioning, and non-sticky for maximum comfort. The multilayer absorbent pad is suitable for mild to moderate exuding wounds.
  • Versatile Use
    Covering and protecting damaged skin, the Vive Care adhesive gauze bandages are ideal for minor cuts, wounds, surgery incisions, pressure sores, and ulcers. 
  • Sterile Wound Dressing Pack
    Includes 15 adhesive gauze dressing pads that measure 6” by 6” to cover wounds, cuts, and abrasions. The extra-large bandages make the perfect addition to any first aid kit at home, school or office. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    30-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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