Vive Health 670 Advanced Arm Sling, Moldable Waist, Reversible With Ball, Padded Neck Strap

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The Coretech 960 Arm Sling is completely customizable to provide diagnosis-specific arm positioning and support to promote natural healing following rotator cuff repairs, joint reconstruction, muscle and tendon tears, shoulder instability, and injury.

Designed for easy patient use, the arm sling features quick-release buckles for reapplying the sling with one hand to encourage greater patient compliance. The sling is also designed for comfort with soft, breathable mesh materials and generously padded straps that easily adjust for a secure fit for every patient.


  • Repositionable Abduction Base
  • Easily adjust the rotation and position of the arm abduction base for optimal support.

  • Moldable Waist Strap
  • Designed to provide a comfortable, personalized fit to prevent anterior migration. 

  • Reversible Arm Sling
  • Reversible, the Coretech arm sling length can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit. 

  • Grip Therapy Ball
  • Ensuring the hand stays securely in place, the sling includes a L shape grip with quick pull tabs.

  • Padded Neck Strap
  • Generously padded, the strap features a quick-release buckle for ease of use.

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