Vive Health 8" Lumbar Belt Extender, All Coretech Lumbar Braces

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Designed with precision and user-centric engineering, the 8" Lumbar Belt Extender seamlessly integrates with the All Coretech Lumbar Braces, catering to those who require an extended belt length for a snug and tailored fit. This extension addresses the needs of individuals with varying body types, ensuring that everyone experiences the same level of premium support and comfort.


  • Optimized Customization

The 8" Lumbar Belt Extender expands the adjustability range of Coretech Lumbar Braces, accommodating wider waist sizes and unique body proportions. This feature ensures a personalized fit that maintains the brace's efficacy and support.

  • Enhanced Comfort

Crafted from premium, durable materials, the extender retains the same exceptional stability, compression, and support qualities found in Coretech Lumbar Braces. Its ergonomic design promotes all-day comfort, making it ideal for extended wear.

  • Quick Integration

Attaching effortlessly to the existing Lumbar Brace, the extender seamlessly becomes a part of the support system. Its secure connection guarantees that the brace's integrity and performance remain uncompromised.

  • Advanced Postural Support

By extending the reach of the Coretech Lumbar Brace, this extender offers targeted support to the lower back region, promoting proper posture and minimizing strain. It aids in reducing discomfort associated with prolonged sitting, standing, or strenuous activities.