Vive Health 8" Transparent Adhesive Bandages

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This durable and antibacterial bandage helps seal and protect wounds to prevent further infection and damage. Conveniently cut to the desired size and gently adhere to the skin for waterproof all-day wear.

The transparent and flexible design allows users’ bandages to go unnoticed as they continue to move freely and comfortably. Latex-free material inhibits irritation for those with sensitive skin or allergies.


  • Promotes Natural Healing With A Waterproof Design

By keeping germs and other irritants out, this Transparent Adhesive Bandage lets your body naturally heal while lowering your risk for infection. Heal faster when you protect your skin from friction and keep liquids out with a waterproof design you can depend on.

  • Easy To Apply

With a grid pattern on the exterior of the bandage, you can accurately and precisely cut the bandage tape to fit your needs. The simple peel design and reliable adhesive allow the bandage to be placed and secured effectively.

  • Transparent And Flexible Design

The transparent exterior makes this bandage perfect for those who are looking for a discreet yet effective way to take care of a wound. With a flexible design that contours to your body, you can enjoy a dressing tape that provides maximum protection while giving you minimal interruption from your daily activities.

  • Built To Last

With a waterproof, moisture-proof, and latex-free material, this bandage tape is great for sensitive skin. The durable design and easy-to-cut backing helps to simplify your path to healing while providing you with an adhesive tape that you can rely on.

  • Multi-Purpose

Our Transparent Adhesive Bandage has a variety of uses, from tattoo care to wound care or catheter fixation. With a backing that can be easily measured and cut down to your desired size, it is easy to customize this product to fit your individual needs.