Vive Health 906 Motion Ankle Brace, Right, Medium

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Providing exceptional support, the Coretech 906 Motion Ankle brace features a hinged connection to allow controlled sagittal motion for active use following a sprain, an acute injury or ankle instability. Ideal for sports and daily use, the motion ankle support minimizes the risk of re-injury and promotes healing by limiting inversion and eversion.

Padded with a soft foam, the medial and lateral side supports are secured in place with three adjustable fastener straps to ensure a comfortable fit. The open design and neutral footplate also allows the active ankle brace to easily fit in any shoe style for improved patient comfort and compliance.


  • Supportive Hinged Design
  • Hinged for greater mobility, the motion ankle support stabilizes the ankle to prevent re-injury and promote natural healing. 

  • Fits Most Shoe Styles
  • Featuring a low, neutral arch and an open heel, the motion ankle base fits in most athletic and casual shoes.

  • Comfortable Padding
  • Semi-rigid side panels feature removable padded inserts for greater comfort. 

  • Adjustable Fit
  • Easily secured with three adjustable fastener straps for a personalized fit.

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