Vive Health 960 Arm Sling

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The 960 Arm Sling is designed for ideal shoulder placement during the healing process following injury or surgery. Easily find a secure and customizable fit for every patient by adjusting the 0-90 degree shoulder abduction and rotation control.

This sling is crafted with breathable mesh materials, quick-release buckles, an offloading strap, and a waist support strap to provide maximum comfort and convenience during long-term use. Each sling also includes a hand therapy ball to help boost circulation as desired.


  • Increased Comfort

Allows the arm to be placed in an optimal position to relieve tension and reduce pressure.

  • Adjustable Hinge Abduction

Change the hinge to any angle ranging from 0 to 90 degrees.

  • Padded Straps

Soft cushioned straps redistribute the weight of the arms, back, and neck while preventing skin irritation.

  • Custom-Fit

Unique strapping design permits the user to use the brace on both arms easily.

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