SP Ableware Roll Easy Lotion Applicator

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The SP Ableware Roll Easy Lotion Applicator is a convenient and versatile tool designed to facilitate the application of lotions, creams, and moisturizers to hard-to-reach areas of the body. With its ergonomic handle and rolling applicator head, this device enables users to easily and comfortably apply skincare products to areas like the back and legs without straining or stretching. It is especially beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those who require assistance in their daily grooming routine. The Roll Easy Lotion Applicator promotes independence and ensures thorough and even application of topical products for a more enjoyable self-care experience.

  • Massages the body while easily applying ointments, creams, or lotion.
  • Two different massage rollers are easy to use and change.
  • Ideal for users with limited flexibility or range of motion.
  • Can be used for easy moisturizing or application of medication.
  • Pivoting head allows the roller to be used at any angle and reach any area.


  • Brand: SP Ableware
  • Length Unfolded: 14.5 Inches 
  • Length Folded: 8.3 Inches