ADC Adtemp Temple Touch Thermometer

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ADC Adtemp Temple Touch Thermometer takes the stress out of temperature monitoring. This innovative thermometer provides fast, accurate, and non-invasive temperature readings in approximately six seconds. Ideal for all ages, its gentle touch and user-friendly design make it perfect for home or clinical use. Say goodbye to disposable probe covers and ensure a hygienic, cost-effective temperature-taking experience.


  • Non-invasive forehead measurement: Delivers comfort and eliminates the need for probe covers.
  • Clinically accurate: Provides reliable readings you can trust.
  • Fast results: Temperature readings in about six seconds.
  • Audible completion tone: Signals when the measurement is done.
  • Memory function: Stores the last reading for convenient tracking.
  • Auto-off: Conserves battery life.


  • Brand: ADC
  • Temperature Range: 93.2°F to 109.4°F
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2°F or 0.1°C
  • Display: Large LCD screen