Aircast Cryocuff System Back Hip Rib

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The Aircast Cryocuff System for Back, Hip, and Rib is a specialized cold therapy system designed to provide targeted relief for pain and swelling in the back, hip, and rib areas. This system includes a specially designed Cryocuff and cooler to deliver controlled cold therapy, helping to reduce inflammation and promote healing. It is suitable for use during recovery from injuries, surgeries, or other conditions affecting the back, hip, or rib areas.

  • Targeted Cold Therapy: Delivers controlled cold therapy to the back, hip, and rib areas, providing targeted relief for pain and swelling.
  • Adjustable Compression: The Cryocuff features adjustable compression to provide customized pressure and support.
  • Easy-to-Use Design: The system is easy to use, allowing patients to administer cold therapy at home with minimal hassle.
  • Portable Cooler: The cooler unit is portable and can be easily transported, allowing for convenient use at home or on the go.
  • Multiple Applications: Suitable for a variety of conditions, including injuries, surgeries, and other orthopedic conditions affecting the back, hip, or rib areas.


  • Brand: Aircast
  • Type: Cryocuff System
  • Target Areas: Back, Hip, Rib
  • Included Components: Cryocuff, Cooler
  • Adjustability: Adjustable Compression
  • Usage: Recovery, Pain Management, Swelling Reduction