AirCast XP Diabetic Walker System

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The AirCast XP Diabetic Walker System is crafted as a medical device to offer support and protection for individuals managing diabetes and coping with foot ulcers or similar conditions.This walker system is specifically crafted to offer a controlled environment for the foot,promoting healing by reducing pressure and minimizing movement. It helps stabilize and protect the foot during the recovery process, allowing for a more comfortable and secure healing experience for diabetic patients.

  • Designed for high-risk diabetic patients.
  • The walker's shell, aircell, and rocker sole optimize plantar offloading, regulate shear stress, and provide protection and immobilization.
  • Monitor individual aircell compression with the hand bulb and pressure gauge, ensuring controlled inflation for neuropathic patients.
  • The package comprises two insoles (Impax Grid and Plastazote), stockings, and a monitoring device.
  • Suitable for both left and right applications.


  • Size: Medium( Men's: 7-10 inches,Women's: 8-11 inches), Large(Men's: 10 -13 inches,Women's: 11-15 inches), X-Large(Men's: 13+ inches,Women's: 15+ inches)
  • Brand: AirCast
  • Weight: 5.0 lbs