Alex Orthopedic Coccyx Car Cushion, Navy

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The Alex Orthopedic Coccyx Car Cushion is a specially designed seat cushion tailored to provide comfort and support for individuals with coccyx (tailbone) pain or discomfort while driving. Its ergonomic shape helps alleviate pressure on the coccyx, promoting better posture and reducing strain during extended periods of sitting. The cushion is portable and can easily be used in cars, trucks, or other vehicles, making it a convenient solution for those seeking relief during travel.

  • Engineered design effectively alleviates discomfort in the tailbone area.
  • The cushion boasts a 3-inch thickness, providing superior comfort and support.
  • Its breathable Gortex cover is lightweight, comfortable, and simple to clean.
  • Available in three sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for virtually any wheelchair.
  • Crafted to mitigate tailbone pressure and inflammation commonly experienced with other cushions.
  • Firm, supportive foam accommodates most car seats.
  • The removable cover is washable for added convenience.


  • Brand: Alex Orthopedic
  • Color: Navy
  • Size: Regular
  • Dimensions: 16 (L) x 13 (W) x 3 (H) Inches