Vive Health Ankle Wraps, Slim, Open Heel, Reversible, Gray, 2 Pack

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The Vive Health Ankle Wraps are designed to provide optimal support and compression for ankle injuries and general discomfort. These slim, open-heel ankle wraps are reversible and come in a neutral gray color, making them both functional and discreet. Suitable for everyday wear, the wraps are made from a breathable material that ensures comfort while aiding in recovery. Each pack contains two ankle wraps, providing excellent value and convenience.


  • Slim Design: The ankle wraps are slim and lightweight, ensuring they fit comfortably under most types of footwear.
  • Open Heel: The open-heel design allows for a full range of motion, making them ideal for active individuals.
  • Reversible: The wraps are reversible, allowing for versatile wear on either ankle.
  • Breathable Material: Constructed from breathable fabric, the wraps provide comfort and prevent overheating during extended use.
  • Neutral Gray Color: The gray color is discreet and suitable for both men and women.


  • Brand:Vive Health
  • Color:Gray
  • Size:One size fits most
  • Dimensions: 27.95(L) X 3.15(W) inches
  • Weight:2.4 ounces each
  • Materials:40% Nylon,50% Spandex,5% Polyester,5% Latex-free rubber
  • Quantity:2 Pack
  • What’s Included: Vive Ankle Wraps - Set of Two