Zomee Silicone Hands-Free Collection Cups For Breast Pump

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The Zomee Breast Pump Silicone Hands-Free Collection Cups Bundle empowers you to pump discreetly and efficiently, maximizing your time and milk production. This set includes comfortable silicone cups in two sizes a powerful USB-rechargeable pump, and everything you need for convenient, safe breast milk expression on your terms.


  • Discreet, hands-free pumping: Pump on the go, fitting the collection cups comfortably into your bra.
  • Multitasking freedom: Pump while handling other tasks, saving you precious time.
  • Safe for your baby: BPA-free materials ensure your breast milk remains pure.
  • Flexible pumping power: Enjoy customizable modes and suction levels to suit your needs.
  • Portable design: USB-rechargeable pump allows you to pump anywhere.
  • Efficient milk expression: Double pumping mode can increase milk volume and lead to better-drained breasts.


  • Brand: Zomee
  • Cup Sizes: 24 mm and 28 mm
  • Cup Capacity: 8 Ounces
  • Pumping Modes: Expression (3 modes, 19 levels), Massage (5 levels), 2 Phase