Zomee Breast Milk Storage Bags - Pack of 120, 2 pack

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Zomee Milk Storage Bags  Pack of 120

  • BAGS FOR BREAST MILK STORAGE: Ideal for breastfeeding moms on the go, these disposable nursing bags allow you to express and store breast milk at your leisure and convenience—offering you complete flexibility over your baby’s feeding schedule!

  • STRONDURABLE & FREE-STANDING: Made from thick and durable food-grade plastic, these breast milk bags for freezing are sturdy enough to stand on your countertop while you fill them up. Sealed via a zip-lock closure, easily tear the top when you’re ready to pour.

  • MAXIMUM FRESHNESS & HYGIENE: Zomee’s breastfeeding supplies are made for mom and baby’s protection. The double zip-lock closure and dual-layered interior provide an airtight seal to prevent spills and spoilage of your breast milk.

  • COMPACT STORAGE IN FRIDGE OR FREEZER: Store these breast milk freezing bags upright or flat in the fridge or freezer. When ready to thaw, place the frozen breast milk into a warm bowl of water until it reaches the desired temperature. Shake well before feeding

  • BABY BREAST MILK STORAGE TIPS: Wash your hands before handling breast milk collecting bags, pumps, or baby bottles. Carefully transfer milk to the bag and push out any air prior to sealing it with the zip lock. Label it with your baby’s name, as well as the date and time. Never defrost or heat breast milk in a microwave, do not refreeze milk once it has been thawed. Discard any leftover milk.

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