Bell-Horn Industrial Back Support, Small

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The Bell-Horn Industrial Back Support offers light weight and versatile support. Crafted from elastic material, its shoulder strap vest design with duo-adjustment closure allows for variable compression. When paired with proper lifting techniques, it serves as a reliable preventive measure against back injuries in industrial settings. This support enhances abdominal lift, reducing stress on the lower spine while providing comfortable compression for the lower back and abdomen. Adjustable shoulder straps aid in maintaining proper lifting technique, while the firm elastic binder and straps encourage correct posture. Ideal for repetitive activities, it effectively reduces work-related lower back strain.


  • Featuring a light weight, all-elastic design with a shoulder strap vest.
  • Equipped with a duo-adjustment closure for customizable compression.
  • Effectively prevents back injury when employing proper lifting techniques.
  • Offers comfortable support and compression for both the lower back and abdomen.
  • Includes adjustable shoulder straps to ensure the maintenance of proper lifting technique.
  • Incorporates firm elastic binder and straps to encourage proper posture.
  • Ideal for repetitive activities.
  • Effectively reduces work-related strain on the lower back.


  • Brand: Bell-Horn
  • Size: Small (Fits hip sizes 24 to 30 Inches)
  • Material: Light weight elastic
  • Common Use: Preventing back injury in industrial settings, reducing lower back strain