Bariatric Mattress

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  • Mattresses have a big impact on how we sleep and our ability to recover from illness or injury.
  • A supportive, comfortable mattress is essential, no matter your age.
  • However, for people with special needs, choosing the right mattress is essential.
  • Aidacare supply a wide range of special needs mattresses, from pressure reducing foam mattresses to alternating air mattresses, designed to minimize the risk of pressure sores and provide relieve from injury and strain.
  • Our bariatric mattresses are specifically designed to support weights of up to 300 kg.
  • While alternating air mattress overlays and mattress replacements relieve pressure for high-risk patients in hospital and care facilities.
  • Browse the range of mattresses and mattress overlays designed to help your patients get a good night’s sleep while receiving the very best care.

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