Drive Medical Bariatric Wheelchair Rem Desk Swing away Footrests 22 Inches Wide

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The Drive Medical 22 Inches Bariatric Sentra EC Heavy-Duty Wheelchair with detachable desk arms and swing-away footrests has a dual crossbar that reinforces the carbon-steel frame, allowing this heavy-duty wheelchair to support up to 450 pounds. The frame has an attractive chrome finish and double-embossed vinyl upholstery, making this bariatric transport wheelchair durable, lightweight, attractive, and easy to clean. The urethane tires are mounted on durable composite wheels designed to facilitate a smooth ride over most surfaces. The standard dual axle allows the seat to easily transition to hemi-level. It comes standard with swing-away footrests, padded detachable desk arms, push-to-lock brakes, and aluminum footplates.


Bariatric Wheelchair

  • Our heavy-duty wheelchairs support up to 450 pounds in comfort; well-made Sentra wheelchairs include specialized features like cushioned detachable desk arms and swing-away footrests for comfort
Superior Support
  • The heavy-duty transport chair features a carbon-steel frame enhanced with double-embossed vinyl upholstery and padded arms for comfortable and dependable support; the roomy seat is supportive and comfortable
  • The portable wheelchair's 8-inch front casters are adjustable in 3 positions, and a standard dual axle provides an easy transition of seat to hemi-level
Durable Design
  • This bariatric transport wheelchair features urethane tires mounted on durable, low-maintenance composite wheels; comes with push-to-lock wheel locks


  • Brand : Drive Medical
  • Color : Swing Away Footrests
  • Item Weight : 10.59 Pounds
  • Style : Swing away Footrests
  • Material : Alloy Steel

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