Baseline Gulick Measurement Tape

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The Baseline Gulick Measurement Tape is a versatile and accurate tool ideal for obtaining precise body measurements in a variety of health and fitness contexts. Featuring clear markings and sturdy construction, this tape ensures dependable circumference measurements of body parts. Particularly valuable in healthcare facilities, fitness evaluations, and anthropometric assessments, its flexibility effortlessly conforms to body contours for consistent and accurate readings.


  • Baseline Gulick Measurement Tape is a precise and flexible tool designed for accurate body measurements in various health and fitness applications.
  • With its easy-to-read markings and durable construction, this measurement tape allows for reliable circumference measurements of body parts.
  • The Gulick tape is particularly useful in healthcare settings, fitness assessments, and anthropometric measurements.
  • Its flexibility conforms comfortably to body contours, ensuring precise and consistent readings.


  • Brand: Baseline
  • Product Length: 2 Inches
  • Product Width: 0.5 Inches
  • Product Height: 2 Inches
  • Weight: 0.3 lb
  • Tape Length: 60 Inches