Vive Health Bed Pan Liners 24 Pack

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Providing a convenient solution for sanitary bedpan care, the Vive Bedpan Liners are easy to use and dispose of. Our leakproof bedpan liners are sized to fit both standard, fracture and elongated bedpans and feature integrated drawstrings for quick, splash-proof disposal. Reducing splashes, drips, and spills, each bedpan liner also includes a super absorbent pad that minimizes unpleasant odors and solidifies up to 68 ounces of liquid. Each box contains 24 bedpan liners with 24 absorbent pads.


  • 24 Disposable Bedpan Liners
    Making emptying and cleaning bedpans less of a chore, the Vive Bedpan Liners is a leakproof, odor-reducing option for lining standard, fracture,d and elongated bedpans. Perfect for hospital stays, camping, and emergencies, our disposable bedpan liners are a hygienic way to manage home care needs for bed-bound patients and loved ones. 
  • Super Absorbent Pads
    Each leakproof bedpan liner includes a super-absorbent pad to reduce splashes and spills. Absorbing up to 68 ounces of liquids, our bedpan liner pads solidify the liquid and trap unpleasant odors to eliminate drips and splashes.
  • Effectively Neutralizes Odors
    Unscented, the Vive bedpan liners and pads effectively neutralize unpleasant odors, trapping them to ensure the area stays smelling fresh. 
  • Easy Disposal
    Sized for a secure fit on standard and elongated bedpans, our bedpan liners are made with medical-grade LDPE and a convenient drawstring for easy, sanitary and spill-proof disposal. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.