Vive Health Bendable Lotion Applicator

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The Vive Lotion Applicator offers a comfortable and convenient solution for the application of creams, lotions, and other products. With a flexible handle, you can easily reach all areas of your body without having to bend or strain. 


  • Reach All Areas with the Flexible and Ergonomic Handle:

Adjust your angle with ease with a flexible handle designed to conform to your body. Clean hard-to-reach areas like your back, legs, feet, and neck without twisting or straining. Ensure safe showers and self-care routines with this soft and easy-to-use lotion applicator. 

  • Convenient Accessories and Replacement EVA Pads:

The detachable foam EVA pad ensures an even distribution of the product, without absorbing any of it. The lotion applicator comes equipped with additional accessories for added convenience, including three replacement EVA pads, a black hanging loop, and a waterproof adhesive hook for easy storage in your bathroom. 

  • Soft and Easy to Clean for Multiple Uses:

This product is made to be soft, durable, and reusable, with a simple cleaning process of handwashing the pad with mild soap and warm water, and wiping down the handle with a gentle disinfectant.