Westmed Biflo Nasal Mask, Adult

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Westmed Biflo Nasal Mask Adult width 7 feet Tubing helps to enhance your oxygen therapy experience. This device offers a simple and comfortable solution for patients who cannot tolerate a cannula or experience recurring necrosis. It provides an alternative method for delivering oxygen therapy effectively.


  • Comfortable Design: Ensures ease of use and patient comfort.
  • Alternative to Cannula: Ideal for patients unable to tolerate traditional oxygen cannulas.
  • Effective Oxygen Delivery: Ensures consistent oxygen flow.
  • Adjustable Fit: Fits securely for optimal therapy.
  • 7 feet Tubing: Provides flexibility and mobility during oxygen therapy.


  • Brand: Westmed
  • Size: Adult
  • Tubing Length: 7 feet
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Usage: Oxygen therapy
  • Design: Simple and comfortable