Blue Jay Adjustable Thumb Support W-Stabilizing Stay, Beige, Large/Extra large

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The Blue Jay Adjustable Thumb Support with Stabilizing Stay is designed to provide effective support and relief for thumb-related conditions such as arthritis, sprains, and strains. It's adjustable design and stabilizing stay ensure optimal support and comfort for your thumb.


  • Adjustable Fit: Features adjustable straps for a customized and secure fit, accommodating different thumb sizes and shapes.
  • Stabilizing Stay: Includes a stabilizing stay to provide additional support and maintain proper thumb alignment.
  • Comfortable Material: Made from high-quality, breathable materials that ensure comfort during extended wear.
  • Easy Application: Simple to put on and take off, allowing for quick adjustments and application.


  • Brand: Blue Jay
  • Color: Beige
  • Size: Large/X-Large
  • Wrist Circumference: 7.5 - 10 Inches
  • Fits to: Left or Right Hand
  • Material: Low profile, Lined Neoprene