Blue Jay Full Automatic Blood Pressure with 4 AAA Batteries

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The Blue Jay Full Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with 4 AAA Batteries is a convenient and reliable device for monitoring blood pressure levels at home or in clinical settings. This fully automatic monitor features an easy-to-use design with one-touch operation, making it suitable for users of all ages. The monitor comes with 4 AAA batteries included, ensuring that users can start using it right out of the box. With its large digital display and memory function, users can easily track and monitor their blood pressure readings over time. Compact and portable, the Blue Jay Blood Pressure Monitor with 4 AAA Batteries offers a practical solution for maintaining cardiovascular health on the go.


  • Fully Automatic: Automatically inflates and deflates for quick and hassle-free blood pressure measurements.
  • One-Touch Operation: Simple one-touch operation allows for easy use by users of all ages.
  • Large Digital Display: Features a large and easy-to-read digital display for clear and accurate readings.
  • Memory Function: Stores previous measurements for easy tracking and monitoring of blood pressure trends over time.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Detects irregular heartbeats during measurements and alerts the user for further evaluation.
  • Date and Time Display: Displays date and time of each measurement for record-keeping and tracking purposes.
  • Compact and Portable: Lightweight and portable design allows for convenient use at home or on the go.
  • Battery Powered: Comes with 4 AAA batteries included for immediate use without the need for additional purchases.


  • Brand: Blue Jay
  • Cuff Measures: 19.3 x 4.9 inches
  • Fits Arm Circumferences: 8.7 - 14.2 inches
  • Unit Dimensions: 5.28 (L) x 3.90 (W) x 2.60 (H) inches
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs