Bosonshop 4Ft Portable Wheelchair Ramp Aluminum

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4Ft Portable Wheelchair Ramp Aluminum(26.5LBS), Lightweight And Easy To Transport, Single Fold Wheelchair Ramps, For Doorways, Stairs, Porch


Brand: Bosonshop


Aluminum Alloy & 600 LBS Load Capacity: Made of aluminium alloy material, this 4Ft ramp is durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant, suitable for long-time use. Max weighs up to 601 pounds, enough to carry most wheelchair tools.

Folding Design & Carrying Handle for Easy Storage: Designed to fo-fold, this wheelchair ramp is easy to fold up and easily fit into the back of an SUV or at home without issue; By the way, it is easy to carry with ergonomic Handles, and the peg system that holds it together once folded is simple but works.

Add a Life Choices: Not only is a wheelchair ramp, it can also be used to transport any wheeled vehicle. The aluminium ramp is suitable for doorways, stairs, gardens, or drop-off spaces, providing necessary life choices for the elderly and the disabled.

No-slip Surface & Protective Sidewall: Covered with black matte PVC carpet, it significantly would provide good traction. 3' high sidewall also provides a barrier to prevent accidental falls.

No, Assemble Required: No need to assemble. The aluminium ramp can be used immediately once opened. 


Folding dimension: 48' x 14.5' x 6.3'

Extending dimension: 48' x 29' x 2'

Net weight: 26.5 LBS