Dycem Bottle Opener Blue Anti-Skid

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Silicone rubber bottle openers are designed to be used on smaller items such as bottle caps or medicine containers. With the Tenura bottle opener you get a comfortable grip on the cap of the twist cap or other small containers and you reduce the amount of effort required to open them. The Tenura rubber bottle opener is made of silicone rubber that is non-toxic and safe for use in the home, office, care and institutional environments.

    • Made from 100% silicone
    • Non-toxic
    • Most silicone products are antimicrobial and prevent fungi and bacteria from nesting.
    • Safe to use everywhere.
    • Do not use toxic, cost-saving chemicals or substances, such as phthalate plasticizers, that are banned or restricted in some parts of the EU and the US.
    • Washable, including dishwasher safe.
    • Available in various sizes and colors where applicable.


      • Dimensions: 6.3 cm
      • Colour: blue

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