Pedifix Bunion Regulator, Left Medium

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The Pedifix Bunion Regulator is a non-invasive solution for managing bunions, a common foot condition characterized by a painful bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe. It is specifically designed for the left foot, providing targeted support and alignment correction. Crafted with quality materials and ergonomic design, this bunion regulator offers comfort and effectiveness in relieving bunion discomfort and promoting proper foot alignment.


  • Bunion Correction: The bunion regulator gently realigns the big toe, helping to reduce the prominence of the bunion over time.
  • Comfortable Design: Constructed with soft, breathable materials, it ensures comfort for extended wear, allowing you to go about your daily activities without discomfort.
  • Adjustable Straps: Equipped with adjustable straps, the bunion regulator offers a customizable fit, catering to various foot sizes and shapes.
  • Non-Invasive Solution: Unlike surgical interventions, this device offers a non-invasive approach to bunion correction, making it suitable for individuals seeking conservative treatment options.
  • Medium Size: Specifically designed for the left foot and available in a medium size, ensuring an optimal fit for most users.


  • Brand: Pedifix
  • Men Sizes: 7-10 Inches
  • Women Sizes: 8+ Inches
  • Type: Bunion Regulator
  • Foot: Left
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: Soft, breathable fabric with adjustable straps