CanDo Slim White PE Foam Roller, Round

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Enhance your fitness routine, improve flexibility, and soothe sore muscles with the CanDo Slim White PE Foam Roller. This versatile tool is perfect for self-massage, physical therapy, and post-workout recovery. Its durable construction and compact size make it ideal for both home and gym use. Experience improved range of motion, reduced muscle tension, and enhanced overall athletic performance.


  • Durable PE Foam: Withstands regular use and maintains its shape.
  • Slim Design: Provides targeted massage and easy maneuverability.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, and general fitness.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Take it with you to the gym or on the go.
  • Easy to Clean: Smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Brand: CanDo
  • Size: 3 Inches x 36 Inches
  • Color: White